Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
Ladies Group 2023

On Saturday evening, June 24, 2023, Rula Khoury visited Holy Spirit Church in Huntington, West Virginia, the home parish of Khouria Loukia Dixon, AWE Religious Coordinator. Fr. John, Khouria Loukia, and the ladies of the church welcomed Rula Khoury, President of the AWE Group.

We are grateful to Father John Dixon, who spoke about his trip to Mt. Athros at the Nov. meeting. Everyone was invited, and Father gave an excellent talk, along with photos of his journey.

December's monthly meeting will not be held on December 3, 2023.  On Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023, the ladies will meet at the church at 5 pm to decorate the church for Christmas. Dinner will be served to those helping, please contact Martha Martin if you are planning on attending so we will have an idea how much food to make.

Do not forget how vital the Ladies' role is in our church! 

  1. Our annual Middle Eastern Dinner is the most significant event the Ladies Group hosts yearly at Holy Spirit Church, usually in October.
  2. The Ladies oversee events, such as the Bishop's visits, ensuing the decorations, refreshments, and food is furnished.
  3. Our ladies decorate the church with beautiful flowers during various feast days, Christmas, Holy Week and Pascha.
  4. We help those in need by collecting donations to the Cridlin Pantry and clothing.
  5. Our Ministries of Compassion works with the Information and Referral Department at Cabell County Public Library.
We are now looking for volunteers for December coffee hours, which are available, except December 10, which is taken. During December, we will be celebrating the Nativity Feast, so remember all Sundays are fasting except December 29.

An Important Fact Here - There may be dates that a church member will want for memorials or other occasions. If that happens and someone is already signed up, we ask those members to arrange those dates between themselves.

If you can’t host the coffee hour alone, please team up with another person(s) to help you. Another idea is to pick up one of the following items: a bag of cookies, a quart of milk (or non-dairy creamer for fast days), tea, and/or juice. Please put a note on the item that it is for coffee hour, and let Mary Ann,  Andrea Thabit, or myself know.

Andrea Thabit or Mary Ann usually makes the first couple of pots of coffee for you, so hosting coffee hour shouldn’t be a significant event (unless you desire). There should be plenty of cookies/donuts, coffee, and juice for 30-40 people.

I am hoping everyone who attends our church regularly and is physically able to participate in hosting a coffee hour. Be prepared for me to approach you in the coming weeks and months.  If you can’t, it is OK 😊

The purpose of our group is to support Orthodox women through Christian love, charity, and fellowship. We encourage you to frequently visit this page to stay informed of the Ladies' events at the Holy Spirit Orthodox Church in Huntington, WV. Our Ladies Group is part of the Antiochian Women of the East Chapter of North America, which celebrated its fifty years of service in 2023.