Welcome to Holy Spirit Antiochian Orthodox Church located in Huntington, WV. We hope that you find its contents both edifying and informative.  Holy Spirit Orthodox Church is not “ours,” but she belongs to God. As such, she is home for all those whom God is calling into the fold of his Holy Church – that Church which has been faithful since Pentecost in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We are home to many “cradle” Orthodox, with roots, particularly in Lebanon and Syria, whose forefathers came to this country to search for freedom and a better life for their families. It was here in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christian, where St. Peter and Paul preached, and where for two thousand years, and against incredible odds, the Orthodox Christian faith has been preserved.

We also have many who have come from Catholic or various Protestant backgrounds but who have embraced the fullness of the Orthodox faith. For all those in search of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church – welcome home!

Fr. John Dixon and the faithful of Holy Spirit Antiochian Orthodox Church

  • Welcome!
    Holy Spirit Orthodox Church is growing, and we couldn't be more pleased! If you have yet to attend our parish, this is your invitation to visit.
  • Our Priest, Fr. John Dixon
    We are blessed to have a Priest who was called by God to serve. His compassion, kindness, patience, and wisdom has been guided us for over 22 years!
  • Inquirers Classes
    If you are interested in the Orthodox Church, we invite you to come and learn as Sbd. Nathan Johnson teaches the ancient faith, each Sunday morning.
  • Sunday School Classes
    Our Sunday School classes begin September 10, 2023. We have classes for all ages, which begin immediately after Holy Communion.
  • Our Beautiful Choir
    Shamassy Michele Paise has served as our choir director since 2021. Even though our choir is small, they lead the people in a acapella harmony.
  • AMEN - Men's Group
    The primary goal of The Antiochian Men (AMEN) is to help each other to become more like God.
  • Ladies Group
    The purpose of our group is to support Orthodox women through Christian love, charity, and fellowship. Our Ladies Group is part of the AWE.
  • Our Annual Middle Eastern Dinner
    Our church held its annual Middle Eastern Dinner, on Sunday, October 29, 2023, from noon until 6 PM in the fellowship hall of the church.
  • First Visit to an Orthodox Church: Twelve Things I Wish I'd Known
    Orthodox worship is different! Some of these differences are apparent, if perplexing, from the first moment you walk in a church.
  • Weekly Bible Study
    Join us every Wednesday at noon at our church for our weekly Bible Study with Fr. John Dixon. We follow the Dynamis from the Orthodox Prison Ministry.
  • Ordination of Deacon John Paise
    Subdeacon John Paise was ordained to the holy diaconate by Sayedna Thomas. May God grant Deacon John & Michele many years. Axios!
  • Our Ministries
    Our Church has been a long standing partner with the Cridlin Food and Clothing Pantry. Check their website for their services.
JUNE 2024
SundaySun MondayMon TuesdayTue WednesdayWed ThursdayThu FridayFri SaturdaySat
May 26
9:20 AM Orthros
10:30 AM Liturgy
Coffee Hour-Ericka
May 27
May 28
6:30 AM Orthros
May 29
11:30 AM  6th Hour
12 Noon Bible Study
6 PM Vespers
May 30
6:30 AM Orthros
May 31
5 PM Vespers, followed by Confession
9:20  AM Orthros
10:30 AM Liturgy
Coffee Hour-April Johnson
6:30 AM Orthros
11:30 AM  6th Hour
12 Noon Bible Study
6 PM Vespers
5 PM Vespers, followed by Confession
9:20 AM Matins
10:30 AM Liturgy
Coffee Hour-Lewis Family
6:30 AM Orthros
7 PM Parish Council Meeting
Leave of Pascha
11:30 AM  6th Hour
12 Noon Bible Study
5:30 PM Orthros
6 PM Divine Liturgy for Ascension
5 PM Vespers, followed by Confession
9:30 Matins
10:30 Liturgy
Coffee Hour-Abe Saad
6:30 AM Orthros
11:30 AM  6th Hour
12 Noon Bible Study
6 PM Vespers
Saturday of Souls
9:30 AM  Orthros
10:30 AM  Divine Liturgy
5 PM Vespers, followed by dinner with Parish Council
9:30 AM Matins
10:30 AM  Hierarchical Liturgy
Parish Luncheon with "Burning of the Mortgage"
6 PM  Kneeling Vespers
Coffee Hour-Parish Council
Nativity of the Baptist
Fast free
6:30 AM Orthros
Fast free
11:30 AM  6th Hour
12 Noon Bible Study
6 PM  Vespers
Fast free
Fast free
Fast free
Ss. Peter & Paul
5 PM Vespers, followed by Confession
Fast free
9:30 Matins
10:30 Liturgy
Coffee Hour-Davis Family
Jul 1
Jul 2
6:30 AM Orthros
Jul 3
5:00 Orthros
6:00 Liturgy
Jul 4
Jul 5
Jul 6
4:00 Choir Practice
5:00 Vespers

News & Upcoming Events
  • Father Nicolas' Ordination
    What a blessing to witness Father Nicholas’ ordination at our parish, Friday, May 10, 2024. Thank you to all who helped make this day special!Axios! Father Nicholas!
  • Holy Pascha
    Christ is Risen!
  • Small Resurrection
    A blessed Holy Saturday! "Arise O God, and judge the earth, for You shall take all nations to Your inheritance!" Be sure to join us tonight at 10 pm as we celebrate the Feast of Feasts!Photo courtesy
  • Holy Unction Service
    The sacrament of the unction of the sick is the Church’s specific prayer for healing. If the faith of the believers is strong enough, and if it is the will of God, there is every reason to belie
  • Palm Sunday
    Blessed Palm Sunday! This evening at 6:30 PM, we will offer the Bridegroom Matins and begin Great and Holy Week. May God strengthen all of us in these holy days.
  • Ladies Handbag Giveaway
    In January and February, our Ladies donated unwanted and gently used handbags and filled them with personal items for women in need. 
  • Feast of Theophany
    “At Thine Epiphany in Jordan’s streams, O Christ, * receiving Baptism from Thy Forerunner John, * O Savior, Thou wast given witness that Thou art the belov’d Son. * That Thou art beg
  • Church Tours
    If interested, contact Fr. John Dixon to give you or your group a church tour. This would be a great time to see the inside of our beautiful church. 
Mailing Address
Holy Spirit Orthodox Church
1 Woodhaven Drive
Huntington, WV 25701
Email and Phone
304-529-6693 (Phone)