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Father John Dixon
Father John Dixon
Father John Dixon

Welcome to Holy Spirit Antiochian Orthodox Church located in Huntington, WV. We hope that you find its contents both edifying and informative.  Holy Spirit Orthodox Church is not “ours,” but she belongs to God. As such, she is home for all those whom God is calling into the fold of his Holy Church – that Church which has been faithful since Pentecost in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We are home for many “cradle” Orthodox, with roots particularly in Lebanon and Syria, whose forefathers came to this country to search of freedom and a better life for their families. It was here in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christian, where St. Peter and Paul preached, and where for two thousand years, and against incredible odds, the Orthodox Christian faith has been preserved. We also have many who have come from Catholic or various Protestant backgrounds but who have embraced the fullness of the Orthodox faith.For all those in search of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church – welcome home!

During this time with many of our parishioners being on home confinement, we are now live streaming all of our services on our Facebook Group. You can worship with us by going to this link. If you have any problems not being able to view our services, please contact us.

Fr. John Dixon and faithful of Holy Spirit Antiochian Orthodox Church

Liturgy March 29, 2020
Great Vespers of 4th Sunday of Great Lent March 28, 2020
Annunciation Service March 25, 2020
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9:30am - Matins
10:30am - Liturgy
5:00pm - Vespers

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